Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Multiple job openings on single job advert

Traditionally, one main difference between online and newspaper job adverts was that the former one did not allow for listing several job openings within one job advert.

Obviously, there have been some changes since I recently came across the following advertisements.

While Cersanit looks for intern in four different departments with a single job advert, American Express is looking for customer service officers for high-end clientele in four different teams.

About the reasons for such job adverts I could only fantasize.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recruiting 2.0 – Jobseekers’ ads, social media profiles and personal websites?

In the German employment market there are two kinds of advertisements. On one hand there are job vacancies posted by companies (Stellenangebote) und seeking job announcements posted by jobseekers (Stellengesuche).

Traditionally, jobseekers announced their readiness to work in newspapers. Today, this option is mostly used by handcraft workers, often looking for private arrangements. While white-collar jobseeker set-up a social media profile (notably with a status option “seeking employment”) or register with a large job boards and post their CV.

Companies actively looking for staff buy CV contingents on these job boards, allowing them to review certain number of jobseekers within a given time frame.

In career advice literature, some consultants suggest setting up a professional website outlining the jobseeker’s experience, sample projects, etc. in order to land a dream job.

Do private websites help jobseekers get on HR’s radar?

How effective are such private websites, considering the surplus of social media platforms?

How often do HR departments just google the talent in Internet in order to find private website profiles and thereby possibly a dream candidate?